About the front row team

With two designing powerhouses, Front Row has been at the forefront of the modest women's fashion industry. Each half of the Front Row team has years of experience and a deep love for what they do, making this partnership an unparalleled, winning combination.


Sara has been in the fashion world for the last 20 years with many successful lines under her Gucci belt. Most famous for Jeanyes and Sarelle, she has the knowledge and the experience of designing for many different  satisfied consumers. Designing for teens and mature ladies alike, Sara has proven records of a huge following in the industry.


Goldy started her fashion foray with couture custom evening wear and gowns,  making each person feel like they were "Red Carpet" ready. Infusing her flair of the wow factor into each garment, every Front Row client will feel like they're wearing a piece of couture at an affordable price. Her eye for blending colors and utilization of unique fabric combinations keeps us at the FRONT ROW of high fashion success.